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So, nothing is more frustrating than having my latest iPhone app, Scrambled Apps!, rejected from the App Store, and THEN Google Gravity comes out and creates some buzz doing the same thing my app was intended to do. If you haven’t noticed yet, when you type “google gravity” into Google’s search bar and then click “I’m feeling lucky”, the Google home screen is displayed and all of the page’s components fall down simulating a gravity affect.

I’m not dissing Google by any means; I think Google Gravity is pretty cool. By Google releasing this fun little buy yasmin uk simulation, and people actually responding positively to it, it serves only to reinforce my thoughts on what a great idea the concept behind Scrambled Apps! is. If only it was approved, I’m certain that users would have had a great time tricking friends that their phone had broken apart.

All is not lost. We learned many valuable concepts like iPhone physics and image recognition while writing the app. If anyone is interested in having a copy of the app via ad-hoc distribution, hit me up on the contacts page.

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