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So, after a few weeks of waiting for the latest app to be reviewed, it has been rejected. Scrambled Apps! is Brim’s latest iPhone app, that was slated to be one of its kind. Allowing a user to load an image of their own iPhone home screen (or any image for that matter), the app contains image recognition and a physics engine, which would cause the screen to “fall” once a user clicked on the screen. This would give the illusion that the app icons on the screen had “broken” apart, thus giving the user instant gratification when he’s able to prank his friends/family.

The iPhone app review team quoted the terms of service by saying cheap yasmin “Simulating failures of graphics, actions, or images is a violation of the iPhone Developer Program License Agreement.”. Is this really what Apple has become? Not even a silly practical joke app can pass its review process?

Here’s the email in all of its glory:

The idea for the app came to my last year when I saw the Wario marketing site that caused YouTube to fall apart using an intuitive Flash movie. Its documented here:

I’ll load some screens of Scrambled Apps! in a few here:

Hopefully Apple will re-review the application and later review it, else I can use ad-hoc distribution and allow people to have the app – first come, first served.

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