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So I just implemented order printing functionality, so I did what any other developer would do, and I searched the Magento modules (actually my client found a good module for the job). We found:

The problem we found was that this module is for Magento version 1.2, but my client is running on 1.3. After installing the module, there were a few errors, which I assumed would happened, but it turns out there is only one file that needs updating. This is the Grouped.php that is included in the module. Below is the code that you’ll want to change to in order to get the module working correctly:

class Nastnet_OrderPrint_Model_Order_Pdf_Items_Order_Grouped extends Nastnet_OrderPrint_Model_Order_Pdf_Items_Order_Default
    public function draw()
        $type = $this->getItem()->getOrder()->getRealProductType();
        $renderer = $this->getRenderedModel()->getRenderer($type);


The changes required were modifying the name of the class along with a couple API changes (getOrder rather than getOrderItem).

I hope the creator of the module updates his code to be compatible with 1.3 soon.

NOTE: The version of this module that we used was 0.1.3 with API key magento-community/Nastnet_OrderPrint-0.1.3.

  • Jack Cham

    Hi, do you have any ideas which file to modify if I want to add additional information on the PDF file? I helped my client developed a custom delivery modules and allow the admin to check when should make delivery to users. I need the time and date in PDF file as well.


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