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One of the most time consuming and tedious development tasks is data migration or ETL (Extract Transfer Load). In many cases, the task of moving a client’s existing data into the EVA data structure for Magento can take longer than any functional requirement. Since every client and application contains its own data format, its difficult to find a Magento module that will satisfy your needs. Sure, Magento does offer some data loading capabilities, but in many cases, a client’s data relationships are far too complex and specific to their domain to get the import/export offered through Magento to load the data correctly.

It’s for the reasons listed above that Brim is now offering custom Magento ETL services. While working on various buy generic yasmin Magento projects in the past, Brim has developed a core set of migration modules that are easily customized to support most data formats. A great example would be the work we delivered to MotionSavers. For this project, our modules were capable of migrating Sql Server data from TheOnlineCatalog, Excel data from Strong-Hold, CSV data from Rousseau Metal, TSV data from PFI Industrial Equipment, and many others.

We have streamlined the process of data migration, and we’re confident that we can provide the same services for other clients in a very time efficient manner and at a very low service cost. If you’re ready to let Brim help you out on your project, drop us a line at our contact page.

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